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Slim 2 Thick

How To Order?

Each week represents the # of bottles you are ordering. Due to the nature of this product we cannot disclose the name of it on this site. To make it easier for you to understand here is how to order:

1 Week Plan: 1 Bottle (200mL each)

2 Week Plan: 2 Bottles (200 mL each)

3 Week Plan: 3 Bottles (200 mL each)

1 Month Plan: 4 Bottles (200 mL each)

Tablets: 20 Tablets Per Pack


- 1 Case: 25 bottles each.

- 1 Case Tablets: 50 packs per case. 20 tablets each pack.

Having trouble ordering or just want to ask further questions? Fill out the information on our Contact Page, and we'll get back to you within 24hrs. Thank you!